Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pointstone

Founded in 1996, Pointstone Software has been a leading provider of privacy protection, computer cleaning and performance increasing software for home and business computer users. Our goal is to deliver the best and most innovative software for Windows users.

What products will I be selling?

Our top selling products are System Cleaner and Total Privacy. It is suggested that you promote each of these products by offering a FREE Scan to your visitors. Your comission starts at 50% on every sale and can go up to 70% depending on your monthly sales volume.

What is the Pointstone Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is a very successful program available online with thousands of affiliates selling our products from their websites, blogs and newsletters. The majority of our affiliates make a very healthy living from the income they receive in commissions.

How can I ensure that all of my referrals will be accounted for?

You will be issued a unique Affiliate ID which will always be included in your promotional and download links. All the marketing material we provide you with will contain this unique ID and this will guarantee that any traffic from your site is tracked back to you. Thus, you get paid for all the purchases conducted by your referrals.

How does your advanced affiliate tracking system work?

In addition to the tracking methods offered by the affiliate programs we work with, we also provide a more sophisticated system that enables you to get your commission, whether your website visitors have their cookies enabled or disabled.

  1. All buy Now links replaced
    All Buy Now links will be replaced with a link to your affiliate program, including your affiliate ID, which will ensure you get the affiliate commission, even if the visitor has cookies disabled.

  2. All download links replaced with automated "custom builds"
    All download links will be replaced with links to filenames which include your affiliate ID. For example, the link SystemCleanerSetup.exe will be replaced with SystemCleanerSetup-av-123456.exe. When the user runs the program, the installer will detect your affiliate id and store it. If the user clicks any of the buy links in the program, your affiliate id will be passed on to the website, making sure yor get the respective comission.

How much commission do you pay?

As soon as you become an Pointstone Affiliate Partner you will get a 50% commission rate. This means that when a visitor of your website buys an System Cleaner license ($39.95 per copy), you will receive $22.47.

Furthermore, the basic commission of 50% can be raised up to 70%, depending on the volume of Pointstone products your visitors buy. For example, if the amount of purchases made by your visitors is $4,000 per month, your commission rate will increase to 60%.

Will I have access to ready to use material?

Yes! We provide you with top converting marketing material, including banners, box images, screenshots, tailor-made sales texts, and ready-to-send email promotional material.

Is there any financial cost to become an Affiliate?

No, signing up as a Pointstone affiliate is totally free.

How to join Pointstone Affiliate Program

To get started with our affiliate program and start earning revenue, you just need to follow three simple steps - it's all free and takes about 5 minutes.

We work with four leading affiliate programs, Avangate, RegNow, Plimus or eSellerate), for the signup url of any of these programs, please contact us.

I have more questions, who can I ask?

If you have any other questions please click here to contact us.

What is Pointstone Affiliate Program Paid Search (PPC) Policy?

1. Affiliates interested in paid search activities as a part of the affiliate program should contact us for approval.

2. Affiliates are not allowed to use product or branded URL's (,,, etc.) as display URL's including misspellings or derivatives (i.e.

3. Affiliates are not allowed to use direct linking, frames, or other forms of "arbitrage" search engine marketing.

4. Affiliates are not allowed to use the Avangate corporate URL ( or any misspellings or derivatives.

5. Affiliates are not allowed to out-position a corporate paid search ad on trademarked terms ("Pointstone", "System Cleaner", "Total Privacy", etc.).

6. Affiliates are not allowed to advertise any coupons or discounts in ad copy on trademarked terms unless the keyword is specific to a discount such as "System Cleaner discount", "Pointstone coupon", etc.

7. Affiliates are not allowed to use ad copy that represents the ad as the corporate ad, official site, or other misleading copy.

Any affiliates who are not approved for paid search or are found violating these policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including program deactivation.