About Our Affiliate Program

The Pointstone Affiliate Program allows you to sell our products and earn a commission by becoming a member of one of leading affiliate programs. If you have a web site, web page or blog you can start earning money while helping your visitors cleanup, optimize and protect their computers. Selling only 1 copy of System Cleaner a day ($39.95 per copy) will provide you with an additional annual revenue of $7,290 and selling 5 copies a day makes it $43,800.

  • 1 copy/day$7,200
  • 3 copies/day$24,000
  • 5 copies/day$43,800
  • 7 copies/day$71,540

How do I get started?

To get started with our affiliate program and start earning revenue, you just need to follow three simple steps - it's all free and takes about 5 minutes.

We work with four leading affiliate programs, Avangate, RegNow, Plimus or eSellerate), for the signup url of any of these programs, please contact us.

Advanced affiliate tracking system

In addition to the tracking methods offered by the affiliate programs we work with, we also provide a more sophisticated system that enables you to get your commission, whether your website visitors have their cookies enabled or disabled.

1. All buy Now links replaced

All Buy Now links will be replaced with a link to your affiliate program, including your affiliate ID, which will ensure you get the affiliate commission, even if the visitor has cookies disabled.

2. All download links replaced with automated "custom builds"

All download links will be replaced with links to filenames which include your affiliate ID. For example, the link SystemCleanerSetup.exe will be replaced with SystemCleanerSetup-av-123456.exe. When the user runs the program, the installer will detect your affiliate id and store it. If the user clicks any of the buy links in the program, your affiliate id will be passed on to the website, making sure yor get the respective comission.

Extended Affiliate program

We also offer an Extended Affiliate program for software distributors, Internet Service Providers, CD publishers, PC magzines etc.

  1. We create a special software version with partner registration links
  2. We offer this version to our partner
  3. The partner places the software on their site, CD etc. and distributes it among their customers
  4. The partner gets up to 70% comission for each product sold

For more information, contact us.