Taskbar Control

Rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by simply dragging and dropping them.

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Download For Windows Vista/XP/2003 (32-bit only)
Version 2.01c (August 04, 2007)

What does Taskbar Control do?

Taskbar Control is a simple (and free!) way to arrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by simply dragging and drop them.

Who needs Taskbar Control?

Anyone who uses a computer really. If you ever wanted to arrange to buttons on your Windows Taskbar without having to close and reopen all applications, here is the solution for your problem.

Best of all, Taskbar Control is completelly free and does not contain spyware or adware of any kind.

How do I use Taskbar Control?

Using Taskbar Control is extremelly easy and simple.

1) Press the left mouse button over taskbar button you wish to move and drag

Taskbar Control Example

2) Move the taskbar button to the desired position and release the left mouse button there

Taskbar Control Example

3) That's it! The application have moved to the new taskbar position.

TaskbarControl Example


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